These are some of the video-art series we've created so far:

Music Videos: All Northwest's official music videos.
Pieces of Northwest: A deconstructed Northwest, where the listener / viewer catches little fragments of cities, situations and sounds.
Excerpts: In early 2018, Ignacio Simón finds old Super 8 and 16mm video footage recorded by his father and his grandfather. 'Excerpts' is a series of videos created by Ignacio transforming and mixing the footage with Northwest music.
Miniatures: An hypnotic dance performance by Mariuca García-Lomas, recorded and edited by Ignacio Simón and mixed with Northwest music.
Collaborations: All the video and art-pieces made by Northwest in collaboration with other artists.
Music Animations: Mariuca spent a year hand-drawing 570 illustration for her awarded animation project "Fotogramas". We decided to give this animations a second life and create videos with the lyrics to some of our songs.