London Art Festival ONE

We had always envied those musicians and artists who belong to a "scene", a specific time and place where planets seem to align and wonderful things happen. Even though we have always been solitary wolves who create in complete solitude and we feel comfortable with who we are, we still miss that social aspect of music and art. Consequently, instead of retiring to our comfortable corner to complain, we decided to take action. This is how London Art Festival ONE was born, as our humble attempt to create our own "scene".

In the first place, we needed a space for this to happen and so we spent a long time in search of the perfect place; we wanted a venue that could be astounding and inspiring itselfy and we were lucky enough to find The Old Chruch, a beautiful old building in Stoke Newington (London). We contacted some of our favorite artists from and around London and we launched this free event with live music, poetry reading and performance art, absolutely open to anyone who wanted to come along. We belive that the event was, albeit profitless, a creative and human success.

2018 has been a year of trying and experimenting, born out of us trying to be creative and innovate not only in the making of the music but also in its communication, promotion, consumption and, most importantly, our need for connection. If we are putting music and ourselves out there is because we're reaching for a hand (or an ear) at the other side. Wasn't it so, we wouldn't publish anything and we'd only write music for ourselves. After all, as we said some time ago, art is not only a language; it's our favourite language.